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No.Document TitleAuthorsSourceYear
1.Selective green device discovery for device to device communicationNarottama, B., Fahmi, A., Astuti, R.P., Saputri, D.M., Andini,N., Vidyaningtyas, H., Christy,P.E., Ludwiniananda, O.R., Rachmawati, F.Telkomnika (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control) 2017
2.Tracking control via linear quadratic gaussian and guaranteed cost output feedback control to a DC motor reaction wheelSusanto, E., Wibawa, I.G., Wijanto, H.International Review of Automatic Control 2017
3.Telecommunication numbering system roadmap towards NGN era in IndonesiaAbdurohman, M., Nugroho, B.S., Putrada, A.G.Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 2017
4.Device discovery schemes for energy-efficient cluster head rotation in D2DNarottama, B., Fahmi, A., Syihabuddin, B., Saputri, D.M., Christy, P.E., Ludwiniananda, O.R.Telkomnika (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control) 2017
5.Modified mean greedy allocation algorithm in OFDMA system with carrier aggregationPrabowo, V.S.W., Fahmi, A., Perdana, D.Advanced Science Letters 2017
6.User-order chunk allocation using priority in OFDMA systemsGinting, I., Fahmi, A., Perdana, D.Advanced Science Letters 2017
7.Delay bound analysis for hybrid network of IEEE 802.11n HT-mixed format WLAN over fiberFath, A.K., Sugesti, E.S., Muayyadi, A.A.Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering2016
8.A combined user-order and chunk-order algorithm to minimize the average BER for chunk allocation in SCFDMA systemsFahmi, A., Astuti, R.P., Meylani, L., Asvial, M., Gunawan, D.Telkomnika (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control) 2016
9.A model of turbo encoder based on field programmable gate array (FPGA) for nano satellite applicationPrakasita, L., Wijanto, H., Syihabuddin, B.Internetworking Indonesia Journal 2016
10.K-mean clustering for chunk formation based on channel response on OFDMA radio resource allocation systemsPrasetya, B., Kurniawan, A., Iskandar, Fahmi, A.Advanced Science Letters 2016
11.Implementation of ICI Self Cancellation in user's velocity from 0 to 700 Km/h to mitigate Inter-Carrier InterferenceSiregar, R.F., Fahmi, A., Meylani, L.Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering 2016
12.Performance of Coded Modulation in Multicarrier CDMA SystemMeylani, L., Andini, N., Hidayat, I.Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science2016
13.Multi User Performance On MC CDMA Single Relay Cooperative System by Distributed STBC In Rayleigh Fading ChannelGelar Budiman, Ali Muayyadi, Rina Pudji AstutiInternational Journal of Computer Networks & Communications, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 1532015
14.Modified greedy physical link scheduling algorithm for improving wireless mesh network performanceAdriansyah, N.M., Asvial, M., Budiardjo, B.Telkomnika (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control) 2015
15.Exploiting geometrical node location for improving spatial reuse in SINR-based STDMA multi-hop link scheduling algorithmAdriansyah, N., Asvial, M., Budiarjo, B.International Journal of Technology 2015
16.Capacity, quality, and coverage trade-off in spatial time division multiple access based wireless mesh network  Adriansyah, N.M., Asvial, M., Budiardjo, B.Advanced Science Letters 2015
17.Theoretical analysis of resonant frequency for AMC-based absorber composed of square patch arrayNur, L.O., Kurniawan, A., Sugihartono, Munir, A.International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics 2015
18.MC CDMA Performance On Single Relay Cooperative System by Diversity Technique in Rayleigh Fading ChannelGelar Budiman, Ali Muayyadi, Rina Pudji AstutiComputer Science & Information Technology, Volume 4, Issue 13, Pages 27-392014
19."Placement and configuration of antenna for indoor femtocell applicationTriana, I., Astuti, R.P., Prasetya, B.Advanced Science Letters 2014
20.Lossy-transmission-line analysis of frequency reconfigurable rectangular-ring microstrip antennaNugroho, B.S., Zulkifli, F.Y., Rahardjo, E.T.International Journal of Microwave Science and Technology 2014
21.Rectangular to parallel plate waveguide transition and its tapering effect for microwave devices characterization"Munir, A., Prasetiadi, A.E., Nur, L.O., Sugihartono, Kurniawan, A.International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics 2014
22.Characterization of Series Iteration Log-periodic Fractal Koch Printed Antenna Equipped with Balun Unit", "Journal of ICT Research and ApplicationsMunir, A., Putranto, D.T., Wijanto, H.Journal of ICT Research and Applications 2013
23.Combined-order algorithm using promethee method approach and analytic hierarchy decision for chunk allocation in LTE uplink systems FFahmi, A., Asvial, M., Gunawan, D.International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security 2013
24.Improved performance of mean greedy algorithm for chunk allocation in SC-FDMA uplink systems using joint-user and chunk-based allocationFahmi, A., Asvial, M., Gunawan, D.Journal of ICT Research and Applications 2013
25.The performance improvement of automatic modulation recognition using simple feature manipulation, analysis of the HOS, and voted decisionWijanto, H., Sugihartono, S., Tjondronegoro, S., KuspriyantoWorld Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 2009
26.A Novel Multiple-Output DUSTF Coding on High Mobility MIMO-Wireless Communication SystemsRina Pudji Astuti, Andriyan B Suksmono, Sugihartono Sugihartono, Adit KurniawanJournal of ICT Research and Applications, Volume 2, Issue 2, pages 81, 1022008